On youth jail, 'Occupy' is right, and O'Malley is wrong

January 27, 2012

No matter how many articles are printed about the problems faced by the youth of Baltimore, they always seem to get pushed to the back burner ("Occupy right to question youth jail plan," Jan. 23). Gov.Martin O'Malley's plans to build a juvenile jail need to be pushed out the window. Instead of using millions of dollars to design jails for youth, take a couple hundred thousand and open recreation centers.

Why? Because they work! Growing up in West Baltimore, Liberty Recreation on Maine Avenue was a second home to me. I played on basketball teams, played ping pong, shot pool, and did arts and crafts. It kept me out the streets and occupied my time until my parents came home from work.

This might not be the full solution to the problems inner city youth, but I bet bringing the recreation centers back into the communities would be a better investment then building jails that will warehouse youth.

Mat Queen, Baltimore

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