Letter: Shame on CA for neglecting swimming pools

January 27, 2012

Columbia joke: A young man was asking a young woman out for a date. She kept refusing him with all sort of excuses. He finally asked her, "Will you ever go out with me?" and she answered, "Yes, when they close the River Hill swimming pool."

During more then the first three decades of our town, the Columbia Association's management, in a policy of Divide and Rule, kept playing village against village and neighborhood against neighborhood, by favoring one over another with perks like modernizations and upgrades to facilities like swimming pools. We hoped that those days were over.

But now the CA plans calls for closing our Jeffers Hill pool under the excuse of "under use." If it is underused, it is because it has been neglected in favor of other pools' upgrades.

Shame on you, Mr. Nelson, for this policy and shame on those in the CA elected board for supporting this. We are all entitled to our upgraded neighborhood pool before any money is spent on such extravagances as fancy golf courses.

The Columbia concept of neighborhood equality is still alive. You don't have the right to knife it in the back.

Tom Laufer

Long Reach

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