Letter: Courtesy of Catonsville drivers commendable

Letter to the editor

January 27, 2012

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all the considerate drivers in my Catonsville neighborhood of Oak Forest.

Years ago, when I was able, I rode my bike with my then two small children. Thank God for the drivers who would slow down and make a wide arc around our small group. They obviously realized that, even with our caution, an extra amount of safety was needed.

It would be easy for a young biker to drift into traffic.

Now, after my stroke, I walk on Montrose Avenue for exercise and rehabilitation. Again, I must thank the safe drivers, who slow down and make wide arcs around me, realizing that, if I lose my footing, I could fall in front of their wheels.

As I walk, I pass the traffic calming pinch point garden that marks the spot, where two young boys were struck and killed by a speeding car in May, 1985. Daniel Kim, age 8, and Geoffrey Garrison, age 7, were riding their bikes when struck and killed.

The memorial was the idea of Montrose resident and accident witness, William Sneeringer. It was designed by third-grade students at Hillcrest Elementary School and constructed by Mr. Sneeringer.

In May 2006, I attended the dedication ceremony with Hillcrest Elementary School Principal Terry McVey, who also supported the memorial and her students' involvement. We listened to Zac Delker's speech about living on a safe street.

All efforts to make Catonsville streets safer for our children are greatly appreciated.

Please wave as you widely pass me on Montrose and know that we appreciate your efforts to keep our children and other walkers safe.

Dean Tippitt


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