Confusion at the Baltimore City indoor track meet

January 26, 2012|By Jeff Seidel | Special to The Baltimore Sun

When all of us left the Fifth Regiment Armory very late Wednesday night after Baltimore City's Indoor Track and Field Championships finally ended, a lot of questions still remained. 

Because of a timing system malfunction that led to computer and scoring glitches, some events needed to be checked over again. The No. 4 Western girls and Digital Harbor's boys both had big leads and were awarded the first-place trophies, but the final scores weren't known since the results to certain events needed to be re-checked.

The final scores were straightened out and distributed by 1 a.m. The big problem had to do with the camera that takes pictures of runners crossing the finish line in certain races. The lighting in the Armory was extremely poor last night, and the camera didn't get usable pictures in certain situations, which forced those scoring the races to work around that. 

Both Western and Digital Harbor won by large margins, so no problems came up there. Western beat Northwestern by 38 points, and Digital Harbor topped Poly by 26, so they were able to keep the trophies. 

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