Getty urges school board to create 'Taneytown-Manchester Zone' for weather-related events

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January 26, 2012

MANCHESTER — State Sen. Joe Getty this week asked the Carroll County Board of Education to adopt a north county zone for implementation of school delays — similar to the "Hereford Zone" that currently operates in Baltimore County.

In a letter sent on Jan. 24 to Board President Jennifer Seidel, Getty cited hazardous road conditions that confronted students, parents and school bus drivers on Jan. 23 in the Taneytown, Manchester and Hampstead communities as an example that demonstrates the need for such a zone.

In Baltimore County, even if the countywide system announces that schools are opening "on time," they may have a different status for the "Hereford Zone," perhaps one or two hours late, to allow for differences in temperatures in the northern areas.

Getty said that several times each winter, the northern tier of communities in Carroll County have icy roads from just a small temperature variance from the rest of the county.

In his letter to the school board, Getty wrote, "The weather variances can be dramatic between Taneytown, Hampstead and Manchester versus the communities in southern Carroll County such as Mount Airy and Sykesville. This problem arises several times each winter where students in the northern part of the county are placed at risk while the south county communities have more temperate conditions that would not require a school delay.

He said a "Taneytown-Manchester Zone" would "provide school administrators with an additional tool to insure student safety in those situations where freezing conditions severely affect the northern regions of Carroll County."

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