Letter: Redistricting plan will leave South Carroll without local representation

Letters to the Editor


January 26, 2012

When I became president of Freedom Area Citizen' Council 3 1/2 years ago, State Sen. Allan Kittleman attended my first meeting, along with Del. Susan Krebs.

Since that time, I saw him only once more and that was to an event to which I had sent him an invitation.

Kittleman represents both Howard and Carroll county citizens. I do not know what he has done for Howard County, but I know of nothing he has done for South Carroll — and I am active in my community.

So currently, for the 9th District, we are represented by a senator who lives outside our county (Kittleman), and a delegate (Krebs) who does live in our community.

But now — based on the legislative redistricting proposal before the General Assembly in Annapolis — the lines for the delegate would change, so that we will have someone who will also represent both Howard and Carroll county in the House of Delegates.

I believe it would difficult for anyone who does not reside in South Carroll to know our needs and the back ground of our area.

If this plan passes, there are more than 30,000 residents in South Carroll who will not be represented by anyone in the House of Delegates or the Senate who lives in our community.

We will need to wait for another census to have a chance of representation after this new map takes effect. In those years, we will not have representation or a voice, and problems will not be addressed.

How can this be call representation when our voice is not heard? It certainly cannot be called, "We the people."

I realize each district must be comprised of the same numbers, but for this new state redistricting map, some districts are at the maximum and some are at the minimum numbers.

This seems to be more political benefit than benefit to the voters. Having followed redistricting in Carroll County the last two times, I believe the lines only serve those who now hold or want to hold office. The requests of the citizens were ignored.

Ellen Dix, president, Freedom Area Citizens' Council


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