Attributing city population decline to abortions is nonsense

January 25, 2012

Your Sunday article about the doubling in the number of homeless students mentioned that Baltimore City had the largest number of homeless students in the state ("Homeless student numbers growing," Jan. 22). The next day, Diana Schaub's commentary decried the effect of abortions on Baltimore City's population ("Abortion and population," Jan. 23).

I found it quite telling that Ms. Schaub chose to quote the 1959 play "A Raisin in the Sun." She obviously still believes we live in the same world as 1959. We are not.

She chose to mention how Baltimore City's poverty rate has remained steady at about 20 percent, despite the increase in abortions. Would she rather abortions cease so the city's poverty rate can hit 30 percent or 35 percent?

She needs to check the latestU.S. Census Bureaustatistics for Baltimore City showing the sharp decline in city employment. Here lies just part of the answer as to why the abortion rates are up — along with a lack of affordable housing, child care, and other factors that only a woman choosing to have an abortion can understand before making her decision.

Ms. Schaub's reasoning is anything but logical. I shudder to imagine what she is teaching her students at Loyola University.

Patricia Haley, Baltimore

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