Maurice Sendak wows 'em on Colbert

January 25, 2012|By Dave Rosenthal

Popular children's author Maurice Sendak (shown here delivering a 2004 commencement speech at Goucher College) was the subject of a hilarious interview on The Colbert Report last night, touching on topics from Newt Gingrich (he wasn't kind) and kids (he was a little kinder). Some examples of the back-and-forth in part one of Stephen Colbert's interview with the author of classics such as "Where the Wild Things Are":

Colbert: Let's talk about kids. I don't trust 'em. They're just biding their time until we're gone, and then they get our stuff.

Sendak: That's an interesting point of view.

Colbert: Thank you.

Sendak: But not interesting to me, particularly.

or this:

Colbert: Why write for children?

Sendak: I don't write for children.

Colbert: You don't?

Sendak: No. I write. And somebody says, "That's for children."

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