Objecting to Obama's entitlement mentality doesn't make you racist

January 24, 2012

I am always wondering why any objection to President Obama's policies isn't good and clear thinking, but racist ("Newt the demagogue," Jan. 20). Is it racist to suggest that poor people and the young work as janitors? The only bigots are those who consider hard work in any profession, whether a laborer of any kind or a janitor or a kid mowing lawns, to be beneath them and foster the idea that constantly extending unemployment benefits and increasing social umbrellas are creating a working class and an entrepreneurial conscience.

Newt Gingrich is telling the truth, and the liberal establishment and The Sun don't like to hear it. Instead of the Sun's kneejerk condemnation of anything conservative and factual, perhaps a thoughtful discussion of the ideas would bring more readership back rather than crying racist when you have little factual data to support your own ideology.

J.C. Gordon, Towson

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