Letter: GOP presidential primary battle 'digressing into food fight'

January 24, 2012

As the Presidential Primary season heats up, I am often both confused and amazed that my party, the Republican Party, continues to shoot itself in the foot (sorry for the violent metaphor) with a constant barrage of misstatements and missteps. Whether it be Gingrich's attack on Romney's capitalism, Santorum's desire to help black's get off of assistance, or Romney's minions turning what was a relatively civil campaign about the difference between President Obama's and Democrat's vision versus the Republican vision for America, into what is digressing into a food fight, I am constantly amazed at how we can step in it and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

I am equally amazed, that, here in the People's Republic, where I am in the minority, that we Marylanders continue to elect people who say and do anything they want, without regard for their constituency because they know that no matter what they do they will be re-elected. The latest example of this is the power elite's desire to raise taxes.

While I will admit that taxes are a necessary evil in the care and feeding of our government, the fact that the governor and his people would suggest raising the most regressive of taxes is stunning. If we must have taxes then I believe they should be minimal and above all, progressive, effecting those with the least ability to pay the least.

First it was the "flush" tax. Now the Democrats want to raise not only the sales tax, but also the gas tax, the two most regressive of all taxes. The fact that they would have the arrogance to suggest two of the most regressive taxes; two that would hurt their baseline constituency the most, is amazing. And why do they even think they can get away with this? Arrogance! They know that no matter what they do, the loyal Dems, or sheep, as I like to say, will re-elect them no matter what!

Well, I, for one would rather my representatives be stupid than arrogant. Maybe this election will be different; maybe the Democrat leadership has finally stepped over the line with their arrogance, and presumption that their Democrat constituency will blindly accept anything that they say or do.

Tom Goodman

Mount Airy

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