Sun right to questions Gingrich's remarks on food stamps, race

January 23, 2012

Regarding your editorial about Newt Gingrich's remarks on race, I am writing to thank you for confirming what I was thinking ("Newt the demagogue," Jan. 20). I knew I was not crazy.

It is amazing that in 2012 we are still having conversations about racism. I thought we had made a lot of progress, but the current GOP race has shown otherwise.

What Mr. Gingrich and his wife paid in federal taxes last year some people won't see in 30 years of working. I am not condemning him and his wife, but they just don't get it.

Nor does Mitt Romney, with his overseas accounts. When you open up your fridge and have to make a decision about eating or paying a bill, you are in a tight spot.

I have been a taxpayer since I was a teenager. I am paying one-third of my income and not getting the Romney discount of 15 percent. My point is that we should not judge someone for not having enough food.

I have no children, but I still pay taxes that support the school system. We must try to unite in supporting people when they are down, and not be so quick to judge them or their circumstances.

Mr. Gingrich has turned two of his mistresses into wives. He says he is a devout Catholic. He does not want anyone to judge him or his circumstances. He needs to show the same courtesy to everyone else, regardless of their race.

Ada N. Orie

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