Collared today: Dave


(Joe Russell )
January 23, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

NAME: Dave

OWNER: Joe Russell

HOW THEY MET: I rescued Dave from a shelter in Jacksonville, Maryland. I initially thought he had a black belly, turned out to be fleas!

AGE: Who knows? Six, maybe.

HOME: Baltimore

BREED: Bassett/ Australian Cattle Dog mix

BEST TRICK: Dave has a large vocabulary. He recognizes the names of all of his many, many toys and will bring me whichever one I ask for. Once he brings one, I’ll ask for a different toy and he’ll take the first one back to the toy basket and get the new one.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Walking the streets of Hampden

FAVORITE FOOD: Broccoli. He loves the stuff. Even likes the water it’s cooked in.

FUNNIEST MOMENT: It wasn’t funny at the time but he once was able to destroy an entire couch … while he was still in a crate. Hopped the crate right across the room to the couch and tore every cushion to shreds. He’s much better now.

BALANCED DOGGIE: You can’t see it in the picture, but Dave has a large patch of hair on his side that looks exactly like a yin/ yang symbol.


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