Struggles on road don't bother Cundiff

Despite going just 11-of-20 away from home, kicker confident lapses are behind him

January 21, 2012|By Edward Lee

With successful attempts from 48 and 44 yards in the Ravens' 20-13 victory over the Houston Texans in Sunday's AFC divisional round, Billy Cundiff capped a perfect season with 19-of-19 field goals at M&T Bank Stadium.

The flipside is that the kicker connected on 11-of-20 field goals on the road. It was a surprising result for Cundiff, who had gone 10-of-11 on the road in 2010 and 4-of-6 away from M&T Bank Stadium and Cleveland Browns Stadium in 2009 as a member of both the Ravens and Browns.

Cundiff, who battled a left calf injury last month, didn't put much weight in this year's numbers.

"Things can get skewed with statistics," he said after Friday's practice. "What do they say – if you torture them long enough, they'll tell you anything? I think for me, the big thing is just making sure that now that I'm healthy, I can go back to doing the things that made me successful. That's being aggressive, committing to each kick, and really giving my best effort, and I can do that now being healthy. I can kind of judge my work for the postseason on the game at Cincinnati and the game we just had at home. Both were cold-weather games, both were windy games, so I think they prepped me real well for this game because it’s going to be cooler. It may not be as windy, but with their open end zone, it does kind of create some challenges, and I feel like I’m ready for it."

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