Markakis: I will be ready for Opening Day

January 21, 2012|By Eduardo A. Encina | The Baltimore Sun

Orioles outfielder Nick Markakis proclaimed at Saturday’s FanFest that he would be ready for Opening Day after having offseason abdominal surgery, but it appears he could be limited for the first few weeks of spring training.

Markakis said he’s on schedule with his seven-week rehabilitation from surgery to repair a torn abdominal muscle Jan. 6.  He has been doing rehab work in a swimming pool “to strengthen to lower half of my core” as well as starting to lightly jog.

“It's not being able to do certain things I want to do,” Markakis said. "It seems like a long recovery, but I know it's going to be over before I know it. Then we'll be rolling.”

Markakis said he believed he might be limited during spring training up to the first week of March but added that he didn’t believe he needed many game-situation at-bats to get ready for the season.

In fact, Markakis -- known as a tireless offseason worker -- said having the time off might help him in the long run. He said he has talked to former Orioles teammates Aubrey Huff, who, he said, had the best year of his career after having a similar surgery and recovery.

“He rested the whole offseason, and he got back in the swing of things after he had his surgery in January,” Markakis said. “I'm not saying I'm expecting to go out there and have my best year, but we'll see how things play out and we'll go from there."

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