Mossburg: A mouthpiece for those who don't want to pay their fair share

January 21, 2012

Columnist Marta Mossburg's latest screed against the governor and legislative leaders is creative and thought-provoking but ultimately disingenuous ("The gospel according to O'Malley," Jan. 18). People who work hard in a capitalist society are entitled to be wealthy, but they are not entitled to be greedy.

The real agenda of Ms. Mossburg and her ilk is to keep all their money. If they can paint those who seek to improve society rather than their own bank accounts as tax-hungry tyrants, they stand a good chance of not having to pay their fair share.

Conservatives love to demonize Social Security and Medicare, but they don't stop to think of the millions of people, both rich and poor, who benefit from them. Try to imagine our society without a social safety net.

State leaders, like all politicians, are concerned with staying in power. But at the same time they have given us the nation's finest schools, quality roads, and a lifestyle second to none.

We do indeed pay more in taxes in Maryland, but in return we get a state that provides a high quality of life not only for the well-heeled but for all its citizens. I pray that Ms. Mossburg someday comes to understand that no one wins unless everyone does.

Patrick D. Weadon, Severna Park

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