Keeping Tebow and football in perspective

January 20, 2012

I must confess that I disagree with the resounding majority of what Dan Rodricks writes, though I acknowledge his right to his opinion. That said, I feel the need to set the record straight regarding his take on the NFL playoff situation and Tim Tebow ("Is anybody listening?" Jan. 18).

I am a Christian and an evangelical one at that. I am sorry to ruin his point but no, I am not "confused" by the outcomes of the last two Denver Broncos playoff games. If it even needs to be said, we don't believe God cares who wins a football game. Tim Tebow has been blessed with enormous talent and a unique ability to inspire his teammates. He is a student of the game and gives credit to his teammates and coaches — and yes, he is devoted to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That said, it is grossly inaccurate for Mr. Rodricks to state, or even imply, that Christians believe that God is in the quarterback's corner and causes him to win.

The bottom line is that Denver played better than Pittsburgh and won an overtime thriller. Denver was outplayed by New England, a much better team, and they lost. That is all is the "sense" that needs to be made. Period. End of story.

Tim Tebow has said repeatedly that while God gave him the talent, strength, and work ethic, these things in no way guarantee him victories every time. His life, and the life of the Christian, is about a whole lot more than wins and losses on the football field.

In a world where people are brazenly unashamed of the lifestyles they participate in and of the language they use — and in a sport full of self-promoting, narcissistic head cases — Tim Tebow's humility, his exemplary character, and his devotion to the Lord are refreshing.

And I'm not sure just what it is about that Mr. Rodricks and others find so disconcerting.

John Crooks, Baltimore

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