Tebow's faith is integral to the player, the man and the human being

January 20, 2012

Has there been a more polarizing figure in professional sports over the past year than Tim Tebow? Whether it was his string of fourth-quarter comebacks, thrilling overtime playoff victory over the Steelers or public displays of his faith, Mr. Tebow generates a wide range of reactions from the public.

Mr. Tebow's faith is an integral part of the player, the man and the human being. Today, when media outlets are littered with players' indiscretions and mistakes, it's refreshing to see someone who practices what he preaches. Mr. Tebow works hard on and off the field and utilizes his celebrity to help the less fortunate, among them sick children in the Philippines for whom he helped build a pediatric hospital.

In an era in which many revered sports stars are defined solely by their accomplishments on the athletic field, Mr. Tebow seeks to do more with the talents he has been given; he is an athlete who realizes his obligation to use the platform of an NFL player to make a positive impact on people's lives off the field. As his college coach, Urban Meyer, once said, Mr. Tebow lives his life to make the lives of others better.

In speaking of religion and faith, public opinion often is divided. As a man of faith myself, I can totally understand and appreciate Mr. Tebow's authentic displays of thanks and praise. But regardless of your religious beliefs, Mr. Tebow is to be admired for having the courage to share his convictions with millions of people all across the world.

It's inspiring to see one man who humbly leads by example on and off the field. Mr. Tebow may never be an All-Pro NFL quarterback, but he has become an All-World human being, and at the end of the day, which should we as a society value more?

Eugene T. Lee

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