O'Malley takes Maryland farther down the wrong path

January 20, 2012

Bloomberg reports that Maryland residents are the 5th highest taxed citizens in the country, and moneyrates.com list Maryland in the top 10 worst-rated states for retirement. The calculation was based on our having one of the highest costs of living in the country, high violent crime rates and one of lowest life expectancies for its citizens.

Our governor and state representatives want to increase spending this session and continue to raise our taxes, fees and tolls to support their goals of bigger government ("A tough budget," Jan. 19). Our citizens continue to vote in representatives that feel that they need more of our hard earned money. Those in Maryland will continue to pay more for the services provided by our state and local governments. The good thing is we have the option to move to the other 45 states that let you keep more of your money.

Jim Simerville, Annapolis

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