Where's the love for the carousel?

January 20, 2012

Maybe the 106 year-old carousel that Richard Knight struggles to keep in place in the Inner Harbor ("City orders historic carousel removed from the Inner Harbor," Jan. 19) is just in the wrong place. Yet again, the city — hand-in-glove as usual with Baltimore Development Corporation and big business — has proved unimaginative and insensitive.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blakeis just coming off the failure of her own "merry-go-round" — the costly, wasteful, poorly-run, appallingly destructive Baltimore Grand Prix — and now her minions can't find a way to assist and promote a beautiful antique carousel?

I think Parks and Recreation should make a strong effort, helped by a grassroots "Save the Carousel" group, to move this carousel to either Patterson Park or Druid Hill Park, allow a concession to sell popcorn and ice cream, and help Mr. Knight instead of bullying him. Welcome the merry-go-round to a better place than the Inner Harbor, where the city focuses only on tourists and prefers glitz to history.

Linda Franklin, Baltimore

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