BWI flights to Sarasota, Huntsville will disappear

January 20, 2012|Jay Hancock

More repercussions of the AirTran Southwest merger. Southwest said today it'll end service to six additional AirTran destinations: Allentown, Lexington, Harrisburg, Huntsville, Sarasota and White Plains. That means BWI direct flights to Sarasota and Huntsville will disappear starting in August. I suspected that Sarasota was the more popular destination for Baltimoreans -- snowbirds. But BWI's Web site says there are two daily Huntsville flights and one for Sarasota. Probably a lot of defense-related travel between BWI and Huntsville. But apparently not enough.

For BWI customers who need to get to west Florida there are still lots of Southwest/AirTran flights to Fort Myers and Tampa/St. Petersburg, which should serve just as well. Southwest had already announced that it would stop flying to nine AirTran cities including Miami, Charleston, W..Va., Dallas and Newport News. Today's announcement seems like an especially big blow for Harrisburg. 

Here is the full Southwest announcement.

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