Cam Cameron praises Joe Flacco's play from the Texans game

January 19, 2012|By Matt Vensel

According to offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, there were only six plays from last week's win over the Texans where Flacco didn’t receive a “plus” grade from the team’s offensive coaching staff.

Cameron, who boasted about being a hard grader, said Flacco’s biggest issues during the game were footwork and ball security. Flacco fumbled once, but left guard Ben Grubbs pounced on it.

“He played at an extremely high level against a very good defense,” Cameron said. “Again, that’s through my eyes, and those are the eyes -- and his, us collectively -- those are the ones that matter to us, because we know what we are trying to get done.”

Cameron said that there were 12 plays in the game where Flacco either audibled into the “exact audible that he needed” or made the right decision in a play-call package with multiple options.

“Joe is a big part of our style,” Cameron said of his Ravens offense. “This division is a Fu Manchu kind of division. It’s not a clean-shaven one for sure. We’ve got a style, and we like it.”

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