Mayor's handling of dispute over Grand Prix's future was juvenile

January 19, 2012

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blakehas asked City Council President Jack Young to return his sky box passes to city Ravens games, supposedly in retribution for Mr. Young having changed his mind about the future of the Baltimore Grand Prix ("Sources: Rawlings-Blake administration demanded Young return tickets to Ravens game," Jan. 17).

Mr. Young simply said the money and energy expended on promoting and holding the race might be better applied to more pressing city issues. He has every right to change his mind about supporting the race given of all the evidence of bungling that came out afterward.

The mayor's office apparently doesn't see it that way, but Ms. Rawlings-Blake's taking back the tickets was juvenile. There were certainly other ways she could have expressed her difference of opinion.

This matter could have been handled "off the record." Instead, she chose the low road and is now enduring the negative publicity for how she handled the situation.

I have three words for Ms. Rawlings-Blake: Please grow up!

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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