Commissioners say banking error led to double withdrawals

January 19, 2012

The Board of County Commissioners are citing a bank mistake for errors in the deposit of customers' payments of water and property tax bills — which county officials said affected some 230 accounts.

In a press release dated, Jan. 17, the county said that on Jan. 5, officials deposited checks and cash payments made to the county by property owners for water bills and property tax bills to the county bank, BB&T.

On Jan, 6, the bank submitted the checks to the various institutions for payment. But due to what the county described as "an internal banking error," the bank submitted the same checks for payment a second time — meaning that the payments were withdrawn a second time from customers' accounts.

"The error was noticed quickly, and county and banking staff began working to correct the problem immediately," said the county release.

Officials said that BB&T assured the county that it will work to ensure the 230 affected accounts "are not negatively impacted. Those affected will most likely see an extra withdrawal and a subsequent deposit on their next bank statement."

"They took money twice," said Roberta Windham, of the commissioners' office.

Windham said county officials understand some customers could face penalties or fees based on the erroneous withdrawals, and that, "the bank has assured us that they'll make this whole" for those people affected.

Windham said that people with questions are asked to call the County Collections Office at 410-386-2971.

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