Update: Is a buyer for the Brass Elephant in hand?

January 19, 2012|By Richard Gorelick

We told you on Jan. 13 about some interesting activity at 924 N. Charles. Not much had stirred inside the Mount Vernon town house since the Brass Elephant closed down in 2009, but just after the new year, neighbors noticed that someone had papered over the front windows. Workers were seen entering and exiting the property, too, causing Mount Vernon residents and business owners, who are inquisitive by nature, to wonder if 924 had at last been sold.

Not yet it hasn't.

On Wednesday, the Daily Record reported that it's the real estate agent handling 924 who's fixing up the property. Apparently, there's a buyer in hand, and a closing may happen within 30 days.

But who exactly the buyer is, the agent isn't saying. And no one in Mount Vernon seems to know.

No one associated with any of the neighborhood organizations or agencies that are typically kept informed of important property transfers admits to having any direct knowledge of who the potential buyer might be. Off the record, though, Mount Vernon insiders admit to having heard some plans for the property, none of which remotely sound to them as though 924 is to be restored to a fine-dining restaurant, or even a dining establishment at all. Instead they have been hearing that the buyer intends to convert the property into a sports bar or an upscale nightclub. 

There is no uniformity to the names sources have been trading about. An intriguing possibility, though, is Marc Barnes, the wily Washington, D.C. nightclub entrepreneur behind the Park at Fourteenth and the defunct Love.

If no one in Mount Vernon really does know the potential owner's identity, it would be something of a first.


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