Love and compassion for elderly

January 18, 2012

I enjoy reading the various editorials and commentaries published in The Sun, but I was especially moved by Dee Wright's op-ed describing the life and death of Mary Hines ("Where was Mary Hines' 'village'?" Jan. 16).

Ms. Hines, an 84-year-old retired educator who was destitute and in need, was murdered. I'm left with the same questions as Ms. Wright: What did Ms. Hines' so-called friends and family do to help in her final years of heartache and pain? Not much.

Talk is cheap! The Bible tells us not to be talkers, but doers. We need to show the love and compassion for the elderly with our actions.

Let us take the advice of Ms. Wright and regardless of pride, do what is really necessary to help an individual using as many resources as possible.

Timothy Modlin, Baltimore

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