How about some good news for a change?

January 18, 2012

Why are there so rarely positive news stories in your paper? The Sun never seems to follow-up with the uplifting, worthy stories but instead fills its space with politics and sports.

You make sure to report every murder that happens, but you rarely acknowledge those who have accomplished good things in the city and county.

Last week, for example, 20 people from Baltimore County were honored with "Outstanding Educator Awards" at a banquet at Martin's East. Yet you didn't even mention these great folks who are certainly worthy of a little congratulations and attention.

A small write up in your paper naming and honoring these educators would have been very nice. Instead, the paper is full of horror stories.

How about thinking about those who dedicate their lives to helping others and giving them a little thanks every now and again? Let them know we are proud of them and that we care.

Sally Truszkowski

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