Lay off Joe Flacco: Ravens win or lose as a team

January 18, 2012

Joe Flacco is not a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rogers, and Ravens fans are not asking him to be either of them. However, I feel as if a lot of people put the blame on Joe Flacco if we lose. We need to stop blaming one person for the loss by a team of 53 players. This goes for all NFL teams, but why stop there? This happens with the NBA, too — put the blame on Kobe Bryant because he could not take the Lakers all the way to the championship again. Nobody can perform well every game of every season. So when the Ravens lose, it is not Joe Flacco's fault. It is not Ed Reed's fault, or even Ray Lewis's fault. It is the Ravens, collectively as a team not performing in a particular game.

This is not like golf where Tiger Woods misses a birdie to lose the championship on Sunday and then all the blame is on him. When the Ravens come up short in four games during the regular season, it is not Joe Flacco's fault. It is the Ravens' fault, so please leave the man alone. Let him do what he does best and let the Ravens quarterback, the coaching staff, the rest of the offense, and the defense continue to take the team deep into the playoffs.

The Ravens win as a team and lose a team, and there is no shame in that. I want to watch a team that comes together and does whatever it takes to win a ballgame, not a player who gets all the credit for a win or a loss.

Samuel Douglas Foss, Bel Air

The writer is a junior at Bel Air High School.

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