Ravens vs. Patriots: The drinking game returns!

  • If Ray Rice and the Ravens are up at halftime, naturally, you should buy a round of shots.
If Ray Rice and the Ravens are up at halftime, naturally, you… (ADAM HUNGER, REUTERS )
January 18, 2012|By Jordan Bartel and Wesley Case, b

If you're reading this, you've fully recovered from our last Ravens drinking game. Congrats! No small feat. Up for another challenge? Here's our recommended way to play along as you watch the Ravens get it done in Foxborough. Let the games begin.


•••• Every time there's a touchback
•••• Whenever Rob Gronkowski is tackled
•••• Whenever Joe Flacco and Tom Brady are directly compared to one another
•••• Whenever BenJarvus Green-Ellis is referred to as “The Law Firm”
•••• Every Ray Rice commercial for Carbiz

Do a shot

•••• If Chad Ochocinco scores a touchdown
•••• If Terrell Suggs sacks Tom Brady
•••• If there's speculation on a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Super Bowl

Chug your drink

•••• Whenever the 83-yard Ray Rice TD against the Pats in '09 is replayed
•••• Every Billy Cundiff field goal
•••• If the commentators attempt a Boston accent
•••• If a Ravens fan says they've already bought tickets to the Super Bowl

Buy a round of shots

•••• If the Ravens are up at halftime
•••• If the game goes to overtime
•••• If it's suggested Ray Lewis should join the cast of “Dancing With the Stars”

Finish your drink

•••• Whenever the camera shows Gisele cheering
•••• For every Ravens touchdown
•••• Whenever a commentator says “Ball So Hard”
•••• If “Shipping up to Boston” plays

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