A little light housekeeping

January 17, 2012

Sorry to have no video joke on offer this week. The holiday staffing schedules got in the way of recording, but the joke of the week will return next week.

There is still time for you to sign up for “Charged Language: Dealing with the Unspeakable in Copy,” my audio conference for Copyediting newsletter. It runs 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. this Thursday, January 12, and you’ll have an opportunity to express your own concerns and views about dealing with profanity, vulgarisms, euphemisms, and similarly ticklish topics.

Sometime this month You Don’t Say will move to a different software platform. The Movable Type software on which you are reading it now is aging and creaky, and You Don’t Say is about to shift to the software used by most of The Sun’s other blogs. There will be advantages—and, I regret to say—disadvantages to this shift. I will give you further details when the changeover is closer.

One of my favorite recent tweets is from Kory Stamper, an editor at Merriam-Webster: “Don't defend your dislike of a word by calling it ‘wrong.’ Opinion is unassailable; misstatement is not. I have facts and a trebuchet.” My advice: Don’t mess with lexicographers.

Your word of the week is fustian.

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