Ulman Cancer Fund hopes for savings

January 17, 2012|Patrick Maynard

The cancer charity of Howard County executive Ken Ulman's brother will team with a Virginia company to run its Half Full Triathlon, a fundraising event in Ellicott City.

The Ulman Cancer Fund hopes to save $250,000 or more annually by turning over operation of the event to Rev3. The company will also make UCF an official charity partner for its flagship national race series, which will add Half Full as its 10th event, said UCF Executive Director Brock Yetso. 

The shift away from in-house race logistics will allow UCF to spend more energy on its core work. "This allows us to focus on directing patient navigation services to cancer patients and their families," Yetso said Tuesday.

He hopes the change will also allow Half Full to grow into the largest event of its type. Currently, Yetso says, there are many races that have cancer groups as charity partners, but very few of them are owned by the organizations that they benefit.

This idea fits in well with a larger plan to increase national exposure while remaining nimble and local, according to Yetso.

In another example of UCF's transition, the 14-year-old charity last year folded the 4K for Cancer into its organization. Far from expressing worry about whether his own event might lose its autonomy, 4K for Cancer founder Ryan Hanley showed his support Friday for the Rev3 deal.

"This partnership is wonderful for the growth of our Team Fight efforts," Hanley stated. "it will enable UCF to focus even more on its core mission of supporting young adults in the fight against cancer and activating people and communities in the fight against cancer."

According to company materials, Rev3 started working with UCF in an advisory capacity in 2009, with its support role in the Half Full growing each year since then.

In a pre-written statement, Brian Satola, race director of the Half Full Triathlon,  said the group was
"overwhelmed by Rev3’s generosity and their efforts to promote the mission and goals of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults." Satola is Chief Operating Officer of UCF.

"With Rev3’s support, we will be able to grow the Half Full Triathlon into a world class event while maintaining our commitment to Howard County," Satola said. "It will also allow us to dedicate more time, resources, and energy to supporting young adults with cancer."

1/17 update: Added quotes from Yetso, Satola.

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