Disturbed by Bel Air's bank buy

January 17, 2012|Letter to The Aegis


I find it very disturbing that the Town of Bel Air is paying nearly $1.3 million to create 33-metered parking spaces [Bel Air Building Passing into History, The Aegis Jan. 11, 2012]. That is the cost for purchasing and subsequently demolishing the old BB&T Building that abuts the Harford County Sheriff's Office in Bel Air. In total, this amounts to just under $38,900 per parking spot. How many years does the lot have to be in use to even break even? Will the meters be in use 24/7 or will this result in free nighttime parking for those establishments adjacent to the property? What I find particularly ironic is that the picture that accompanies the article shows just how close in proximity the town's parking garage is in relation to the proposed lot. I've used the parking garage recently and it wasn't close to being full.

Given this economic climate and the tightening of budgets everywhere I feel like the money the town is spending on this project could be better spent elsewhere to serve the taxpaying citizens.

Laurie Decker

Bel Air

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