NFL merchandise: Sometimes a fake is just as good as the real thing

January 16, 2012

Regarding your recent article about fake NFL merchandise, while I sympathize with anyone who got ripped off, the bigger issue is the cost of the so-called "official" NFL merchandise ("Ravens and NFL call blitz on online sellers of fakes," Jan. 12). These products are way overpriced and not necessarily the best quality.

For example, last season we ordered my son a Terrence Cody jersey for his seventh birthday. We mainly did it because my son's first name is Cody, and we paid $75 for it at the NFL Shop.

Not only did the numbers on it start coming off after only a few months, it turned out the jersey was numbered 63, like the one Cody wore in training camp, rather than the one numbered 62 that he wore at the start of the season.

Seventy-five dollars for a youth jersey? C'mon NFL.

Since then I have discovered that is easier to just go to Wal-Mart and buy the $30 jerseys they sell. Granted, there aren't as many players available, but the jerseys last longer than the "official" one we bought, and they don't cost an arm and a leg to replace when the kids outgrow them.

I have seen some of the counterfeit jerseys that sell for $21 on one site. I am actually impressed with the quality of them. It's hard to tell them apart from the "official" jerseys.

If these sites can make quality merchandise for $41 ($20 for shipping), why is the NFL stuff so pricey?


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