Letter: Don't move western Catonsville out of Baltimore County district

Letter to the editor

January 13, 2012

Leave Westchester as part of District 12. Leave Westchester as part of Catonsville. ("Proposal would create new Catonsville district," Catonsville Times, Jan. 11)

Gov. Martin O'Malley wants to take residents living west of Rolling Road out of Catonsville, politically.

We live in the part of Catonsville that is to be redistricted so that we will be part of the Security Boulevard neighborhood.

There may be nothing wrong with the Security Boulevard neighborhood. I don't know. I don't live there.

I do know that, if I have a state-related issue in the community where my children go to school, where we go to the doctor and dentist, where we attend church, where we shop and dine, my state delegate will not represent that area.

Let your representatives know that you do not like Gov.O'Malley's plan to divide Catonsville.

Leave Westchester, Rockwell and Colonial Gardens as part of District 12 (formerly 12A).


David Vaughn


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