Letter: South Rolling Road in Catonsville a dangerous place for pedestrians

Letter to the editor

January 13, 2012

I continue to witness the same dangerous pattern of driver behavior, ignoring pedestrians and the crosswalk, as cited by Barbara Schuessler ("Safety measures failing students using busy South Rolling Road," Catonsville Times, Jan. 11).

Despite the efforts of the State Highway Administration to improve the crosswalk, there is still not enough visibility and attention to make motorists take notice.

I suspect that many are aware that the crosswalk is there, but choose to ignore it or they are ignorant of the law altogether.

I would like to see more efforts made to enforce the current pedestrian crosswalk laws by ticketing offending motorists, especially during morning and afternoon times when traffic peaks.

With continued growth in our community, it is inevitable that there will be also be an increase in motor vehicle traffic as well as pedestrians. This situation only has the potential to get worse if nothing more is done to address it.

I have three children, who will eventually attend Catonsville High School. They will also be subjected to walking to school through this most dangerous intersection.

Please address this problem before someone is seriously injured, or worse.


Kathleen Cummings


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