Grass Cutting in Winter

January 13, 2012|By Kathy

When Baltimore City cut the grass on the Roland Avenue median for the last time this fall, an adjacent plot of grass was skipped. The point at the intersection of Roland Avenue, Ridgewood Road and Cold Spring Lane looked like a prairie for months.  With warmer temperatures into January, the grass continued to grow.
At the end of October, I called 311.  They said the city would take action in 14 business days. We watched. We waited. Nothing happened. During November and December, the point looked increasingly shabby. Trash accumulated there. 
Finally, at the beginning of January, I called 311 again and gave the very friendly operator (yes, friendly) the confirmation number of the previous call. She said that the report stated that more information about the location was needed. I restated the location and hung up thinking that nothing would probably happen until next spring.
A Happy New Year surprise came; The grass was cut early this week. With temperatures again reaching almost 60 on Thursday, bulbs pushing up and grass greening, the grass triangle that might have grown even more prairie-esque instead now looks neat and trim. 

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