Sun staff picks: Texans at Ravens divisional playoff

January 12, 2012

Kevin Cowherd: Ravens 20, Texans 10

Between the playoff pressure, deafening noise at the Bank and the Ravens’ punishing D, Texans rookie QB T.J. Yates will wear the look of a man who knows he’s about to fail the law boards

Edward Lee: Ravens 20, Texans 17

The run offenses for the Ravens and Texans are evenly matched and should produce similar results. The difference will be at quarterback where Joe Flacco should outshine T.J. Yates.

Mike Preston: Ravens 21, Texans 17

Rookie T.J. Yates has done well under the circumstances, but the pressure will be too much to handle Sunday.

Peter Schmuck: Ravens 27, Texans 16

When everything seems to point in the same direction, that’s usually a good time to wonder if you’re missing something. We’re not missing anything. The Ravens are the better team. They’re playing at home. They beat the Texans when the Texans had a solid veteran quarterback. They’ll beat them on Sunday.

Kevin Van Valkenburg: Ravens 24, Texans 13

The Ravens shut down Arian Foster, intercept Yates twice in the second half and win behind three touchdowns from Flacco.

Mark Viviano: Ravens 26, Texans 16

Ravens lose playoff games to Peyton and Big Ben. They do not lose to T.J. Yates — especially not in Baltimore.

Jeff Zrebiec: Ravens 20, Texans 17

The Ravens have waited a long time for a home playoff game and they won’t let this opportunity slip away. A late defensive stand will put them one step closer to the Super Bowl.

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