Agent: Roberts following doctor's orders

January 12, 2012|By Dan Connolly

Brian Roberts’ decision not to attend next weekend’s FanFest because the event could have an adverse effect on his slow recovery from a concussion has again made the Orioles second baseman a target of criticism.

But, according to Roberts’ agent, the 34-year-old is simply following doctor’s orders -- that bright lights and noisy atmospheres can be counterproductive to someone dealing with concussion symptoms.

“He has taken the advice of his doctor, and you can’t blame him for it,” said Mark Pieper, Roberts’ agent.

Roberts has played just 98 games in the past two seasons. He first suffered the concussion in September 2010, when he tapped himself on the helmet with a bat. He aggravated it in May while sliding headfirst into first base and hasn’t played since.

Roberts is heeding medical advice from sports concussion specialist Dr. Michael Collins and is progressing, with a focus on playing Opening Day, April 6, Pieper said.

“It is more important for him to be out on the field and ready to start the season than for him to be at FanFest,” Pieper said. “And he has never missed a FanFest [previously], and I think that shows how important it is for him.”

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