Texans' Foster proves he's no ordinary NFL running back

Foster has built a friendship with legendary Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis

January 12, 2012|By Steve Campbell | Houston Chronicle

Arian Foster arrived in the NFL almost unnoticed, with a point he was willing to go to great lengths to prove. One of the telltale signs that Foster was well on his way to proving he wasn't the crazy one for believing he could flourish at football's highest level came during a December 2010 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Undrafted out of college, relegated to the practice squad for much of his first professional season, Foster was on his way to leading the league in rushing. During the second quarter of a Ravens victory at Reliant Stadium, All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis cornered Foster to say, "I love the way you play the game."

The two struck up a friendship at the Pro Bowl and met up again at the ESPYs award show, talking for hours afterward. They have gone back and forth on the phone this week, knowing full well they'll meet again on Sunday when the Texans face the Ravens in an AFC divisional playoff game.

"H's driven by a different burning inside," Lewis said. "He was an undrafted guy with a lot of talent, so he's fueled by something different. Any time you add that type of fuel with talent, you get Arian Foster."

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