House Speaker Michael Busch: The ultimate tax-and-spend Democrat

January 12, 2012

Regarding your story on the legislative session that opens this week ("Big 'to do' list in Annapolis," Jan. 9):

You gotta love House Speaker Michael Busch: He's so tenured, so entrenched and so oblivious to the nonsensicality of his own words when he says things like "I'm going to pass a tax increase," and "we're going to put people back to work."

His is a truly warped understanding of how a free market economy is supposed to function. To think that by taking ever more money from citizens the government can engineer sustainable economic growth is both presumptuous and doomed to failure.

Our biggest experiment proves the point. Can any clear-thinking Maryland legislator defend the trillion-dollar Obama economic stimulus as an effective use of tax dollars?

The big Annapolis "to do" list rests on the premise that the government is there to do more and more — at any cost to the taxpayer. This is so ingrained in career politicians' minds that they don't even think about it.

Worthwhile programs, yes. But please, Mr. Busch, don't grin at me when your hand is in my wallet.

The Democratic legislative monopoly in Annapolis is bleeding us slowly and insidiously. A higher bridge toll here, a new sales tax there, a gas tax over there, triple the flush tax next. If it moves, tax it.

By the way, I appreciated The Sun's sense of balanced reporting. You printed the response of a Republican in the story's 25th paragraph. Aren't monopolies fun to behold?

You gotta love it.

Joe Migliara

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