Man sentenced to 100 years in prison also suspect in killings

January 11, 2012|By Peter Hermann

On Tuesday, we told you about Jason Thomas Scott, a 28-year-old who faced at least 97 years for 11 felonies that included up to 50 burglaries and nine home invasions in Prince George's County. In one case, prosecutors said he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl.

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Greenbelt decided 97 years wasn't enough, and put him away for an even century. On top of that, Scott still faces a trial in the deaths of a mother and daughter who were found in a burning car in Largo in 2009.

Police said he used information he got from working at UPS to track down his victims. Authorities said he also stole guns and sold them on the street. Prosecutors called him a "professional criminal."

Today's Washington Post has some details from a news conference by the Maryland U.S. Attorney's Office, which includes comments from one of his terrified victims. Here is a statement from federal prosecutors detailing the charges;

"According to testimony presented during Scott’s three week trial, Scott was interviewed in the presence of his attorney several times after his arrest and admitted that he committed 28 specific residential burglaries and nine armed home invasion robberies in Prince George’s County, including one home invasion during which Scott sexually assaulted a minor and took pornographic pictures of her.  Scott also admitted that he committed many other burglaries for which he did not provide details. Finally, Scott confessed to the robbery of a firearms store in Carroll County. The evidence showed that Scott started committing burglaries at a young age, then he graduated to home invasion robberies in 2008. Many of the crimes were committed with accomplices, but Scott committed some crimes by himself.

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