Immigration: good

illegal immigration: bad

January 10, 2012

In the minds of some people today, immigration is a bad word ("Immigrants key to reaching mayor's population goal," Jan. 7).

Overlooked is the fact that a half century ago, residents of Canton, Highlandtown, Locust Point and Curtis Bay were either immigrants or sons/daughters of immigrants.

However, those immigrants were technically immigrants — they arrived at the front doors of the United States through Ellis Island or the foot of Broadway. They did not sneak in. Some even had to pay a bond or someone paid the bond for them. Later in the process a quota system was placed in effect with percentages for immigrants from Europe and other origins.

No one, in good conscience, can or will oppose legal immigration.

Our nation's history began with the first immigrants at Plymouth Rock and later in Florida. Their names are recorded in history, as are those who landed at Ellis Island and other legally recognized ports of entry.

Richard L. Lelonek, Baltimore,

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