Duquette isn't rusty when it comes to evasive answers

January 10, 2012

I read the interview with Dan Duquette, the new Orioles executive vice president, in the Sunday Sun ("Q&A with Dan Duquette," Jan. 7). When asked about the "biggest adjustment for you after being away" from baseball for many years, he answered the "speed of the media." Later in the interview he was asked if the Orioles would like to witness a Manny Ramirez workout as he tries to work his way back into baseball. The answer he came up with is, "Manny's an interesting guy."

Mr. Duquette may have been away from baseball for a number of years, but one thing he hasn't lost is his ability to evade. The question was put to him in a straightforward way. Are the Orioles interested in Manny Ramirez? Instead of saying "we wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole," or "he's bad news," Mr. Duquette evades. He shows the politician's knack for not answering a question.

Mark Plogman, Pikesville

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