Compromise is not a weakness

January 10, 2012


The recent Open Forum letter "Uncompromising on when compromise is appropriate," was a great example of the mentality of the raging political machine, all passion, no compromise.

At an early age we are taught some form of compromise. Somewhere along the way politicians forgot that early childhood lesson, and feel that compromise is a sign of weakness or failure. One man's beliefs are not more important than the overall system. Ronald Regan said If you get 75 or 80 percent of what you were asking, you take it and fight for the rest later.

Thomas Jefferson himself was the very definition of compromise. What Jefferson was saying was a little more simplistic. What he meant was go with the flow, worked together, but if it is something you are very passionate about then stand up for it.

Passion comes from the heart, but it can sometimes mislead you. You also have to use your brain. So, pick your battles. There has to be give and take. This always reminds me of the kid who has the football.  If he was not always all-time quarterback or you did not play by his rules, he would take his football and go home. I say, "LET HIM!" Let us all get together, chip in a couple bucks and buy our own football. What I mean by "all" is Americans. Not Democratic, not Republican but Americans. It is time for a change in the approach of electing a person for any office.  I implore all residents of Harford County to get involve and put some fresh blood and new ideas into any position of power.

From city hall to Congress and everywhere in between, it is time for a cleansing of sorts. The majority of us are just to the left or right of the middle of the road. There are a few differences but we compromise or agree to disagree. It is the extremist that are not on the road or even the sidewalk for that matter. They are somewhere off in the weeds, standing like a rock holding on to their principles or sometimes footballs.

Mr. McGrady, I respect your opinion and appreciate what you were trying to say, and completely understand your frustration. I would caution you, if you are going to be in politics and be chairman of the Harford County Republican Central Committee, watch undermining the establishment for which you are suppose to represent. Democracy is the foundation of everything we hold to be true is this country. It is what freed the slaves, gave women the right to vote, and gave all Americans the freedoms we hold so near and dear to our hearts. Without Democracy there would be no Republic; in this country they are one in the same.

Blane H. Miller III

Former Elected Member of the Harford County Republican Central Committee

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