Mitt Romney likes to fire people and so should you

January 10, 2012|Jay Hancock

Republicans and Democrats are attacking Romney for his remark: "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me." It fits in wtih the idea (I refuse to call it a meme) that Romney is an economic predator, a ruthless levergaed buyout artist who raided companies for cash and laid off the workers. That he may be. 

But it's obvious that what he's talking about isn't firing corporate employees but rather companies that provide goods and services to consumers. He's talking aboiut consumer sovereignty and consumer choice, which nobody should be against. Hate Bank of America? Fire them and go put your money in a credit union. Hate AT&T? Fire them and try T-Mobile. Did your dry cleaner ruin your shirt? Take your business somewhere else. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of services you want the economy to provide.

Romney put it inartfully. (He should ban himself from using the words, "fire" "layoffs" and "takeovers" and he should refrain from making wagers of more than $5.) But anybody who's not trying to fool voters should agree with his sentiment.

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