Another name to add to Duquette's list of lieutenants

January 09, 2012|By Dan Connolly

Just gauging from his first couple of months on the job, Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette likes to keep a lot of information close to the vest until he releases it all at once – even if most of it has already been reported – a true sign of old-school baseball philosophy.

So we haven't officially been told about some of his more recent hires. But here's one that had been expected from the moment Duquette took the Orioles' job: Ray Poitevint.

Poitevint's title has not been announced – it could be special assistant or an international scouting liaison – but he has been seen in the Warehouse and apparently is contributing to meetings about international players.

This is not surprising considering Duquette has had an exceptionally long relationship with Poitevint that dates to their time with the Milwaukee Brewers. Duquette worked under Poitevint in the 1980s and replaced him as that club's scouting director in 1986. It's fair to say that Poitevint is one of Duquette’s primary mentors.

I don't have an age on Poitevint, but he has to be at least in his mid-70s considering he has been in baseball at least 50 years. Once official, this would be the ultimate in coming home. Poitevint began his scouting career – after playing minor league baseball and working as a salesman – in 1961 with the Orioles.

He is the scout who famously – and perhaps infamously, depending on who tells the story – and doggedly signed Hall of Famer Eddie Murray for $20,000 in 1973.

Poitevint is known most for his work in the international market. He was the guy given credit for discovering Nicaraguan Dennis Martinez, who became a 245-game winner for the Orioles, among others.

Poitevint's international dealings are extensive and include involvement in the "Million Dollar Arm" challenge, a TV reality show that highlighted the discovery of two pitchers/cricket players from India.

He has deep roots in Asia, including Japan and Korea, and likely will be one of Duquette's primary resources for mining those areas.

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