Jobs versus trees in Baltimore County

January 09, 2012

I read with great interest the commentary by Tom Horton regarding Maryland's draft forest policy ("To save the bay, save the trees," Jan. 5). As an active master gardener and avid outdoor person, I am tuned in to the environment. It is well known our current Baltimore County administration has comfortable ties to the development corporations.

Since May 2011, I have been dealing with the effects of sprawling development on the environment in Randallstown and a lack of interest from county government. A call to the county executive in Towson yielded the response, that "it is all about jobs."

Clearly, it is not all about jobs. Now we know it is also about lucrative pensions for a select few in Baltimore County government. May I live long enough to see developers in this county held accountable for the havoc they inflict.

Adrienne Shriner, Randallstown

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