The week ahead: Baltimore County Restaurant Week and the 9th annual Krautfest

January 09, 2012|By Richard Gorelick

Baltimore County Restaurant Week starts on Thursday, with some 40 restaurants participating in what amounts to a free-for-all.  Restaurants can fix the price for their promotional menus, for lunch or dinner, at $10, $15, $20, $25, $30 or $35 for one, two or three courses.  Basically, everyone can do whatever the hell they want to. That's fine I suppose -- there are some good deals out there.  But jeez, Baltimore County people sure hate having rules, it's like they think it's zoning or something.

Check out the officia Baltimore County Restaurant Week website.

There were still a few tickets for Gertrude's 9th Annual Krautfest last time we checked but not many. Take a look at Monday dining specials around town. There are more weekly dining specials here.

Monday's Lunch for $10 or Under review is of Manchurian Rice Co., a new Inner Harbor fast-casual joint from Alex Smith., who also operates the Harbor East Deli and Pizzeria right newt door. 

Manchurian Rice Co. is all right but had some flow problems when I went in. As in, where am I supposed to stand now? Also, I don't like the paying-extra-for-brown-rice thing. I especially don't like it when the counter-person taking your order asks you if you want brown rice and doesn't make it clear that it costs extra. (I know it says so on the signs, but that's not the same thing at all.) 

Here are more recent Lunch for $10 or Under reviews.

And here are daily feeding of orts, table scraps from food-and-dining websites.

Tribune reporter Christopher Borrelli with a reality check on all of those dining trend stories that appear this time of year. (Chicago Tribune). Borrelli consults the big lists from sources like Epicurious as well as completely random people. If he'd have asked me, I would have said "meatballs."

The latest Saveur 100 is out. Always fun to look through. Meatloaf comes in at no. 18. Meatballs don't place at all.

Marion Nestle doesn't like when people say protein when they mean something else.

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