'Kourtney and Kim Take New York' recap: Episodes 6 and 7

  • While Kim is away, Khloe feels she can safely have a drama-free visit with Kourtney. Kris Humphries (not in frame) is, perhaps understandably, annoyed.
While Kim is away, Khloe feels she can safely have a drama-free… (E! )
January 09, 2012|By Maria Parson

This Sunday’s adventure takes us jet-setting all over the place with the Kardashian Krew. After a workout, complete with paparazzi galore, the girls decide that they need a break from all of the attention. Um, raise your hand if you think they got paid to show up at this gym. 

Meanwhile, “The Hump” gets an opportunity to make an appearance at a club in Toronto. Kim tells Kris to stay put and proceeds to leave town. During this initial discussion, Kim points out to the group that Kris is afraid of her. As such, she is sure that he will comply with her request to skip the appearance in Toronto.  Once Kim, Kourtney and Mason leave for their “sister weekend” in Mystic, Conn., Kris convinces Scott that he should come along on the trip to Canada. Scott admits that he is miffed about not being invited on the girls’ trip, but he isn’t sure whether he should disobey Kim’s orders. I mean, she did lay down the law before she left town. Kris, for the second time this season, urges Scott to “grow some balls” so they can party in Canada. Seriously Scott, grow some. 

Meanwhile, the girls check into a quaint hotel, where they try to figure out if the television in their room is from 1942 or 1492. Later, they take Mason sight-seeing, enjoy a nice dinner and find out about the trip to Canada via Twitter. Kim gets confirmation that they are probably being bad! Well, let’s see: We have the standard groupies and endless bottles of vodka: the perfect mix for disaster, right? Then, Scott can’t wait to use the restroom, so he uses a trashcan and then kicks it over. He yells out the window for what seems like the entirety of his car ride home, and then wakes up in Hangover City the next day.  You be the judge. Oh, and did anyone notice Scott’s skin-colored T-shirt at dinner? Hey, slick, it’s called a “button up” for a reason.   

When everyone gets home, both guys get interrogated. Kris admits that he should’ve given Kim a heads up and promises that he will be more cognizant of things like this in the future. Scott, probably still hung over, admits that he went on the trip so that he wouldn’t be lonely, but also confirms that he was not pressured into growing any actual balls. He professes: “If I wasn’t on that leash, I don’t know where I’d be. That’s why I love Kourtney.” He then tells her to come over and slap him in the face. I was doubled over in laughter by this point, but I’m pretty sure that this is how the first episode of the evening ended.

In tonight’s second installment, Kim and Kris Jenner take Dubai, as Kim supports the opening of Millions of Milkshakes. Apparently it was a big deal. Khloe visits the apartment in New York and makes an attempt to get to know Kris Humphries a little better. At this point, she and Kim are still at odds, but Khloe hopes that bonding with Kris may help her and Kim get over their drama. Ultimately, Khloe learns that practical jokes and a forced “family day” don’t get the job done. 

In Dubai, Kim and her mom make all kinds of jokes about riding camel humps and camel toes. Keeping it Klassy.  During an interview and later while talking with her mom, Kim realizes that (Newsflash!) things are not right between her and her husband. She admits that she enjoys being away from him, and that she really likes her alone-time. Just her and her entourage. Not excited about going home, she tells her mom that married life isn’t what she expected. Kris Jenner tells Kim that these feelings are not normal, and that she should take time to figure things out for herself. 

In New York, Khloe gives up on practical jokes and forced interactions and just tries to have a one-on-one conversation with Kris Humphries. They talk about marriage, and Khloe flat-out asks Kris H if he is happy. His response: Is this reversible? Good question, Hump. I think we all know the answer to that. But, let’s stay tuned next week to see the drama that unfolds along the way!

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