Preston's criticism of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed was spectacularly ill-timed

January 08, 2012

As an avid Ravens fan, I was appalled by Mike Preston's article calling into question Ray Lewis and Ed Reed's so-called "ineffectiveness" on the field ("It's time for Harbaugh to make difficult changes with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed," Jan. 2).

First of all, Mr. Lewis is the motivator and leader of the team. How dare Mr. Preston write such a negative article about both players, especially right before the team is trying to get to the Super Bowl?

As a coach, I know that the last thing you want to have is negativity at any time, and especially when you are preparing for such a big event. Mr. Preston showed very poor judgment when he decided to write that article. He should not be allowed to cover the Ravens for the rest of the season.

Any issues regarding the players should be strictly between the coaches and the players; no one else should be sticking their noses into it until the decisions have been made. This is something I'm sure won't be addressed until the season is over.

I hope and pray Mr. Preston's article won't affect the rest of the team in an adverse way. We're trying to get to the Super Bowl and win — no thanks to Mr. Preston and his lousy article.

Nancy Brown

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