Wildcard round will draw Ravens' attention

Team will sit back and watch AFC playoff unfold this weekend

January 06, 2012|By Edward Lee

The bye week gives the Ravens a chance to get away from the practice fields and meeting rooms. But a good number of them won’t stray far from football.

With the Cincinnati Bengals scheduled to meet the Houston Texans Saturday and the Pittsburgh Steelers planning to visit the Denver Broncos Sunday, this weekend will offer must-see TV for the players.

“I’ll probably watch them,” quarterback Joe Flacco said. “You usually end up watching them even on your normal bye week, at least for a little bit. So, [they] should be pretty interesting games, and we’ll be able to figure out who we play, possibly on Saturday. If not, on Sunday. So it’ll be fun.”

Added outside linebacker Jarret Johnson: “Yeah, I’ll watch them. I get a little sick of football this time of year. College, all the bowl games, I can’t stand watching them and stuff. [But it’s] playoff time. You better believe I will be watching it.”

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